TAPSY Tours for Families with Kids

TAPSY Tours for Families with Kids

A groundbreaking new experience for tourists traveling with kids aged 6-12. Designed to entertain both children and adults, these tours provide a memorable half day experience that will capture the attention of the entire family.

Both educational and entertaining, all the tours will introduce historical and cultural information in a fun exiting way.

Through engaging activities and games with the aid on an interactive booklet with informations, treasure hunts and didactic exercises, families will experience a thrilling and instructive approach to the city they are visiting.


TRome Boat Esperience

Rome Boat Experience

Out of the common path, besides the timeless beauty of his well known monuments, there is something that lives and breath in the heart of the Eternal City, is its river, The Tiber.

The cruise on the Tiber is a splendid way to watch the less known part of Rome, discover new points of view, have a relaxing and interesting trip, to better understand our history and old time habits, or to live a romantic adventure.

We offer different experiences to our visitors: during the day, more focused on the historical value of the course, which lasts about an hour, with multilingual commentary on board and ticket valid 24 hours, during which you can get on and off at will by our piers Isola tiberina, Castel S. Angelo and Tiber Island, and that evening, which, set in the beautiful setting of Rome by Night and its illuminated bridges, offers a Gourmet Dinner entire Italian, to seal and make unforgettable their experience in the Capital.